Friday, February 7, 2014

Special Edition of Art Party Friday

Hey everyone, Jon here. Today's art party will be a little different. Usually we highlight a variety of artists and their pieces dedicated to characters created by Robert E. Howard. Today though I would like to throw the spotlight on another creative individual I admire, Jack "The King" Kirby. Kirby was a comic book artist by trade but a hurricane of creativity by nature. He worked in comics for a long time and many would argue he is he is the greatest artist the medium has ever known. He died twenty years ago this week and the world is still poorer for it. Today we will be showcasing some inspired work by The King.

The Man himself. 

Conan the Barbarian, pencils by Jack Kirby inked by Bill Reinhold.

An visual interpretation of "Musings," by Jack Kirby and Mike Royer in Ariel, the Book of Fantasy.

Odin, the All-Father, by Jack Kirby.

God or Yaweh by Jack Kirby.

Battle scene from Devil Dinosaur by Jack Kirby.

Balduur of Norse Myth by Jack Kirby.

Page one of The New Gods by Jack Kirby.

Jack had a profound impact on the foundation of the comic book industry and continues to inspire and challenge creators today. If you are interested in learning more about the man you can check out the Kirby Museum's website (be sure to leave a donation so they can actually build a museum!) or check out this AV Club article from earlier this year. 

That's all for this week! We are hard at work behind the scenes here at Cromcast HQ! 

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