Friday, November 28, 2014


Greetings, travelers! We have a perilous road before us.... Season Three of The Cromcast will cover the stories of Soloman Kane! Will you join us on this journey?
Gary Gianni's Soloman Kane
We're going to be following text provided in the recent Del Ray edition of The Savage Tales of Soloman KaneOur reading list is as follows:

Skulls in the Stars
The Right Hand of Doom
Red Shadows
Rattle of Bones
The Castle of the Devil
Death's Black Riders
The Moon of Skulls
The One Black Stain (Poem)
The Blue Flame of Vengeance
The Hills of the Dead
Hawk of Basti
The Return of Sir Richard Grenville (Poem)
Wings in the Night
The Footfalls Within
The Children of Asshur
Soloman Kane’s Homecoming (Poem)