Monday, January 12, 2015

Season 3, Episode 04 - The Castle of the Devil and Death's Black Riders

The hangman asked of the carrion crow,
but the raven made reply:
"Black ride the men who ride with Death
beneath the midnight sky,
"And black each steed and grey each skull
and strange each deathly eye.
"They have given their breath to grey old Death
and yet they cannot die."

Art by Gary Gianni
Hello friends! Today's show features two original Howard fragments "The Castle of the Devil" and "Death's Black Riders". While they may be short they still feature Howard's signature style and will get your mind racing and your blood pumping. We focus a portion of the show on adaptations of each fragment and other people's attempt to finish what REH started. 

Let us know what you would have done to complete each tale!

One Things:
Luke: Joe Abercrombie's The First Law Series
Josh: Talisman the Board Game (app)

Also be sure to check out the new book from our pals at Apex Publications: The Lost Level by Brian Keene. Preorder now or wait till it comes out on Jan. 19th!

We are working on a review of a new book, Titled "J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert E. Howard and the Birth of Modern Fantasy (Critical Explorations in Science Fiction and Fantasy)" by Deke Parsons. You can purchase it on here. We'll post a review as soon as it's ready!

Our episode is freely available on and is licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0. 

Beginning theme: "Sudden Defeat" by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0. 

Our closing theme for this episode is "Ghost Riders in the Sky" performed by Johnny Cash All music was obtained legally; we hope our discussion of this content makes you want to go out and purchase the work!

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  1. Ale wise in the UK it often depends on where you are and what you’re into. Most small grocery stores and supermarkets sell mass-produced, fairly bland ales like Guinness, John Smith’s and Boddington’s but they’ll also have a separate section for the more discerning real ale drinker with different varieties of bottle/cask conditioned ales, the most common being ones like London Pride, Pedigree and Old Speckled Hen (but I tend to go for ones I’ve not seen before).

    There’s also shelf after depressing shelf of yellow p**s like Carling, Stella Artois and Carlsberg for lager drinkers. Not my cup of tea though. Yuck!

    I’m lucky enough to live in Sheffield which has lots of great little breweries and the two most common you see in shops around town are Kelham Island Brewery and Bradfield Brewery. Bradfield have an awesome little range, my fav being Sixer which is strong, sweet and dark. Yum!

    If I’m caught out I’ll try to make do though, I’m not so fussy as to turn down a drink when I’ve got a night in and a stack of DVDs waiting lol

  2. You can always form mechasheva

  3. Yay, after starting to listen just before Xmas I caught up! Beers - Spitfier, Bishops Finger, Hobgoblin...all good bottled ales available in supermarkets. Once in France I had a very nice Belgian beer called Horse Beer if memory serves.....