Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Season 4, Episode 8: The Lost World (1925 Film Adaptation)

Hile, adventurers! Explorers! Paleontologists! Cromrades! We have returned from a recent trek to the jungles of South America, and escaped from a mysterious plateau filled with dinosaurs and ape-men with our lives intact! This episode features a discussion of the original film adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle's seminal work "The Lost World." It was directed by Harry Hoyt, and featured a cast that went on to great acclaim including Bessie Love, Lewis Stone, Wallace Beery, and Lloyd Hughes. But the real stars of the show are the dinosaurs, painstakingly animated by Willis O'Brien and Marcel Delgado! This film was groundbreaking for its time, and definitely influenced special effects work in cinema. The stop-motion dinosaurs are still fun to watch! And, their appearance influence the way dinosaurs have been portrayed on screen to this day!

We focus on Arthur Conan Doyle, the film adaptation, and a brief look at how evolution and geologic time are portrayed in fiction! We get scientific in this one!

Some resources: 
The Telegraph: Russian Supergrass 'poisoned after being tricked into visiting Paris'
BBC: Piltdown Man: Britain's Greatest Hoax
Project Gutenberg: The Lost World novel
Smithsonian: On Dinosaur Time
Let us know what you think of this film! And, what your favorite dinosaur is! 
One Things: 
Jon: Crusader Kings 2 (on Steam)
Luke: Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats (on Amazon)
Josh: Bone Tomahawk (on Amazon)
Next time: Journey with us to Skull Island to explore the legend of Kong... 
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  1. That episode was the 8th Wonder of the World to me! :)

    I've found various versions of The Lost World on YouTube, so shall be checking that out asap (well, it's possible now... but I'm sleepy). The original King Kong seems to be out-of-print on home video over here, bizarrely, so I'm hoping there's a new sparkly edition on the way.

    I get the feeling I'll be a Jurassic World naysayer like Luke once I see it. It looks very, very ordinary to me. I just can't ell what I'll like or not like nowadays after being one of the few detractors of Guardians of the Galaxy. I was so sure I'd like it!

    Thanks for letting us in on your podcasting tech spec "secrets"! I was actually going to ask for details myself, as I seriously need to update my recording set-up.

    You guys inspired me to start my own little show, which I hope one day to refine into something with a more focused concept... but for now I just enjoy babbling to myself about pop culture in general.

    Anyway, I'll leave you guys to your bourbon and teaching...

    Keep on truckin'! x

  2. Just listening back to the episode again and noticed Luke casually mention that he has a son. For some reason I never thought of him as the dad-type before, but now that I do I bet he's a really cool one! Maybe it's because you all sound so young at heart.

    Keep the funk up at maximum! x

  3. Wait, dinosaurs didn't live at the same time with people??? Should I doubt the other things Ken Ham says too?

  4. Good show guys, one of your best so far I think! I like that you take the time to talk through things, I'm finding my other fave podcast these days is getting shorter and shorter with less discussion, almost just a run through of the story.

  5. Hey guys! Been trying to catch up on the older podcasts, love the stuff you guys are putting out there. Heard on of them that some of you play D&D, didn't know if you'd seen this guy who wrote out a set of rules to play a Conan miniatures game http://www.matakishi.com/conanhub.htm

    And you guys should do a wbiskey ranking post. Cheers!

  6. Last summer I dragged my 8 year old to see the Lost World (1925) at the old Parkridge Pickwick Movie theater during a silent film festival. They showed the movie with the live score played through the pipe organ that still works in that old movie palace. It was a cool experience and triggered some interesting conversations between him and I about how things change and how old that film was.

    A few days later my boy started yelling for me to check out "Professor Challenger" on TV. I headed into the living room expecting to see the movie on PBS or something. My son happened to find the cheesy 1960 version of the Lost World playing on broadcast TV, and he was able to recognize the depiction of Challenger from the silent movie source.

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