Thursday, December 8, 2016

Season 5: The Road of Champions

Put 'em up, Cromrades! We're back with a preliminary list of stories for Season 5: The Road of Champions!

EP 1: Boxing training
An introduction to boxing, Howard’s boxing fascination, and the stories he wrote

EP 2: The Pit of the Serpent (1929)
Introducing Sailor Steve Costigan in his first tale!

EP 3: The Bulldog Breed (1930)
The first appearance of Mike the bulldog, Steve’s constant companion

EP 4: Christmas Special! The Two-Fisted Santa Claus!
Technically listed as a Dorgan tale, but a boxing Christmas story is too good to pass up!

EP 5: Champion of the Forecastle (Nov 1930)
We get to meet more of the crew on Steve’s boat, The Sea Girl

EP 6: The TNT Punch (Jan 1931)
Sailor Steve helps to raise bail for another boxer in South Africa

EP 7: Iron Men by Robert E. Howard
Howard writes about tough boxers and their fighting style

EP 8: Iron Men in Cinema
Rocky / Requiem for a Heavyweight

EP 9: Meet Dennis Dorgan in The Destiny Gorilla
Who is Dennis Dorgan? Is he his own man or is he perhaps Steve Costigan?!

EP 10: His Brother’s Keeper by Dashiell Hammet
A half-wit boxer’s eulogy for his brother that betrayed him

EP 11: Boxing Noir in the Cinema
Viewing The Set-Up (1949)

EP 12: Texas Fists (May 1931)
Costigan returns home to Texas!

EP 13: The Breed of Battle (Nov 1931)
Mike the Bulldog is dognapped! Steve must save him!

EP 14: The Apparition in the Prize Ring (1929)
Featuring Ace Jessel!

EP 15: Vikings of the Gloves (1932)
Costigan battles a Swede!

EP 16: Sluggers on the Beach (1934)
The last published Costigan story

EP 17: The Final Round: Boxing Season Retrospective

You can get the majority of these stories in the collection "Waterfront Fists and Others The Collected Fight Stories of Robert E Howard." We'll post links to open source options as we move through the season!

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