Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Season 5, Episode 2: The Pit of the Serpent (The Original Thrilla in Manila!)

Welcome back, Cromrades! This week, we set sail for Manila with Sailor Steve Costigan and the crew of the Sea Girl. Costigan has a little coin in his pocket and is looking for some rest and relaxation. Little does he suspect, he'll be facing down Bat Slade toe to toe in THE PIT OF THE SERPENT! 
This, the first Sailor Steve Costigan story, was originally published in the July 1929 issue of Fight Stories

You don't need to travel back in time with two dimes to find a copy though! You can read it in Boxing Stories by Buffalo Press, or Waterfront Fists and Others. Either would be a fine addition to your bookshelf. No extra ducats? You can find the story on WikiSource

One Things
Jon: The Art of the B Movie (Treat yourself to some fine film art, and fun movie posters!)
Luke: Arrival (2016), directed by Denis Villeneuve. Pre-order it from Amazon! (It's a beautiful film!)
Josh: The science fiction space fantasy film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Play some Star Wars games! We recommend Shadows of the Empire, Tie Fighter, and Knights of the Old Republic! (We are one with the Force, the Force is with us!)

Next time we set sail, we'll meet Mike, Costigan's bulldog companion in The Bull Dog Breed. (Read it on WikiSource!)

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Closing theme: A classic by The Rolling Stones, "Street Fighting Man."  All music was obtained legally; we hope our discussion of this content makes you want to go out and purchase the work!


  1. Josh sounds very out of his comfort zone here... but in a good way. I just wanted to give him a big supportive hug throughout this episode, lol.

    I'm totally out of my depth too, of course, but as Jon said, it's nice to be doing something completely different and tonally lighter.

    I've got the Bear Creek westerns on audio and they're very much in the same vein - comedies where the protagonist is a bit simple. Need to crack on with them, actually.

    Thanks for another great episode, boys! Keep dem dukes up!

    Jim AKA Mushy

  2. Absolutely loving the concept for this season.
    If you're a bit uninformed about the art of boxing and Howard's fight scenes seem to be just a bunch of people punching each other, i recommend reading Edwin Haislet's "Boxing" and Champ Thomas' "how to be an ass whipping boxer", both of which are available as free pdf's and can be knocked over in a couple of hours each. Haislet's will give you a good idea on how the science of boxing is supposed to work and Thomas' book is just damn good fun with some nice technical knowledge to go along with it. Having a knowledge of how a boxing match works really improves Howard's fight scenes as not only are they viscerally exciting on their own, but with a solid understanding of boxing, you can see that Howard had a sound fighting mind.
    Also fyi
    Humble Bundle has currently got a star wars games bundle where you can pick up all of the games mentioned in the podcast