Thursday, September 21, 2017

Season 5, Episode 15: Vikings of the Gloves (Steve's in a Pickle!)

Welcome back, Cromrades! We are closing in on the last of our journeys with Sailor Steve Costigan, at least for a while. But first things first! This week, Costigan sneaks into a "Scandinavians Only" boxing tournament, only to find himself in a "durned if I do, durned if I don't" situation! Will Steve lose the match to save The Sea Girl at the risk of losing his reputation as the fightin'est sailor on the Seven Seas? Or will he will he win, and lose The Sea Girl in so doing? Find out, in "Vikings of the Gloves!"

The cover of Fight Stories, February 1932
 Check out our friend Michael McHenry's project, Gathering Storm Magazine! Short fiction, poetry, and odds and ends to "tickle the mind!" You won't be disappointed!

One Things
Jon: Hunter S. Thompson Hell's Angels book
Luke: The Very Bad Wizards podcast
Josh: Elder Sign the board game. And friendship.

Next Week: We close out the Road of Champions on the coast! It's "Sluggers on the Beach!"

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