Saturday, November 4, 2017

Season Six: The Road to Lankhmar!

Hile, travelers! No doubt you too have noted the smoky there, low on the horizon? They don’t call Lankhmar the City of Sevenscore Thousand Smokes for nothing, eh?! If it pleases, allow us to pass ye, as we are trying to make the outskirts of the city by nightfall… I’d rather find my way behind a door before dark, if it is all the same to you!
The map of Lankhmar included in the 1985 AD&D supplement.
There are lots of sources for the Fafhrd & Gray Mouser stories by Fritz Leiber, but the misc editions from Ace Books in the '60's - '70's are pretty cheap and available secondhand from many sources. Considering this, our ‘Core Texts’ will be as follows:

Mignola’s depiction of the protagonists! His art is incomparable!!!
Our tentative Story List and plan for episodes follow here:

- Introduction to Leiber / Ill Met in Lankhmar, Part I (S&D, DHC).

- Ill Met in Lankhmar, Part II / The Circle Curse (S&D, SAD, DHC).

- Jewels in the Forest / Early Publication History (SAD, TSA).

- Thieves’ House (SAD).

- The Bleak Shore / The Howling Tower (SAD, DHC).

- The Sunken Land / Seven Black Priests (SAD).

- Claws from the Night / The Price of Pain-Ease (SAD, DHC).

- Bazaar of the Bizarre (SAD, DHC).

- Retrospection & Reflection

That should keep us busy! See you on the morrow; we'll look for you at the market square!