Monday, November 12, 2018

Season 8: The Road East

The trail is placed and run that we must follow,
The Destin'd trail. 'Tis none of ours to choose,
The trail that only runs from night to night
From out the grey dawn's cynic and mocking light
Into the smoldering sun-set's crimson wallow...
-Futility, by Robert E. Howard

Welcome, Cromrades! We enter our eighth season soon, and the road appears to lead us eastward! We will intersperse The Road East with some of Robert E. Howard's El Borak stories. We're excited to read these well-loved tales of adventure! We will also discuss some of Howard's influences in the historical adventure genre! We think you're going to like this season of the show! The story list and links to electronic versions of the stories are below!

So gather your gear, mount your fleetest horse, and get ready for adventure!
Art by Tim Bradstreet
Reading List for Season 8: The Road East

The Daughter of Erlik Khan, by Robert E. Howard
The Soul of a Regiment by Talbot Mundy
Hawk of the Hills, by Robert E. Howard
A Khlit the Cossack tale by Harold Lamb (Story TBD)
The Man Who Would be King [Film], Directed by John Huston
The Soul of a Turk, by Abdullah Achmed
Blood of the Gods, by Robert E. Howard
The Sowers of the Thunder, by Robert E. Howard