Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Season 8, Episode 2: The Soul of a Regiment

Cromrades, we merry band of podcasting brothers have another story to discuss! This week's tale is "The Soul of a Regiment" by Talbot Mundy (read it on Project Gutenberg Australia). The story is widely lauded as one of the great stories from the pulp magazine Adventure. What do you think of the story? Let us know!

Word Clouds (47:15)
Note the use of singular words such as "one" and "man" are just as frequent as "regiment" and "men". Interesting, given that the story is about the teamwork of a well trained group being the strength of a regiment. For more commentary, we get into the word cloud discussion at about the 47 minute mark.

One Things

Jon: Creed 2. Go see it! 
Josh: Murder by Death's album The Other Shore. Hear it! 
Luke: Maniac on Netflix. Binge it!

Next time: Back to El Borak with "Hawk of the Hills". 

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