Friday, April 11, 2014

Art Party Friday: April 11, 2014

Hello Cromrades! It is I, Jon! I am here to show off some cool Howard inspired art I have found in my wanderings on the internet. If you have any art you wish to share, be you the creator or just an admirer, please email us at with the image and source and we will try to feature it here on the blog!

A Portrait of Robert E. Howard by Sean Phillips
(which may be the best blog name ever)

El Borak by Jim Steranko
From: Lone Star Fictioneer #4 (1976)

King Kull by Joe Kubert
Cover to KULL #1 from Dark Horse Comics

Thulsa Doom by Alex Ross
Cover to Thulsa Doom #2 from Dynamite Entertainment

Conan the Cimmerian by John Byrne

Solomon Kane by Mike Mignola
Cover to Solomon Kane vol. 2: Death's Black Riders

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Stay tuned in the coming weeks, for we are hard at work on our first two part episode! We will be covering the only Conan novel by Howard. It's pretty long, so get to reading: