Monday, April 28, 2014

Microsode 01 - The Cromcast vs ComiXology and DRM (A Short Discussion)

Hello, Cromrades! While we were preparing the Red Nails discussion last night, we sort of went off on a tangent about ComiXology, DRM, and online "virtual" media. Read a bit more about the acquisition of ComiXology by Amazon at PC Magazine and at Engadget.

What do you think? Does this move make you angry? Happy? Are you indifferent? Let us know! Email, tweet, or call us! (859-429-2766). Do you read comics on a mobile device? Do you use Steam to purchase games? Why or why not?

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  1. First, I love the idea of a microcast and that this one arose organically while you were taping a longer episode. You should post similar content when it happens and is relevant (which I imagine is often..?).

    As to virtual media and DRM, I've never been much into it, at least with books. I do like having my music digitally, but I'd much rather have to deal with a library of books than have any of it digitally. I just can't get behind paying for access to a book that I may lose someday when I can spend the same amount or a few dollars more for a physical copy that I own and can do with whatever I want. You may have missed it, but there was a story a few years ago (linked below) where Amazon deleted a woman's entire kindle library and account with no explanation and refused to divulge why when she inquired about it. That's not ok with me. The two concessions I'll make are classics that are available for free, but mostly because I'm not paying for them so if my library gets deleted I lose nothing, and the complete works of HP Lovecraft I picked up for $0.99, because I lose almost nothing.

    With comics and ComiXology, I've never been much into comics. It's not for lack of trying, but I've found I'm very particular with the genres I like. I can see being able to browse and have instant access being useful,, especially for people like me who are interested but don't know how to break into the medium. But there's no way I'd pay the same for a digital copy as I would for a floppy. It's just not worth it. Besides the DRM issues, with physical media I can see where the money goes into production and material costs, but that's not there with digital. I'll pay for the same profit margins because that's just fair for everyone, but I feel like I'm being gouged when they're making more profit off digital copies.

  2. This also just occurred to me. There's no secondary market for virtual media and no way for e-comics to increase in value. While 99.5% of the comics you buy won't be worth as much as Action Comics #1 in 100 years, 100% of virtual comics definitely won't be. You also can't resell virtual comics if you decide you want some of your money back to reinvest in other comics or because you're divesting entirely.