Thursday, October 2, 2014


Hello all! Our favorite time of year is upon us! The ambiance of the diminishing daylight hours and the leaves steadily changing colors and falling from the trees have combined to trigger our need for some scary stories!

Last year (all the way back in Episode 9!), we covered Pigeons From Hell and The Haunter of the Ring! This year, we are expanding Cromtober, and will be covering a story from the Weird Tales gurus we've mentioned most often. Here they are!

1. Clark Ashton Smith - The End of the Story

2. Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Music of Erich Zann 

3. Robert Ervin Howard - The Cairn on the Headland

Three masters. Three classic tales. Three back to back to back episodes of The Cromcast!

Let us know what you think of these stories! 859-429-CROM! thecromcast at gmail dot com!

Happy Cromtober!