Monday, October 13, 2014

Cromtober, Part II: "The Music of Erich Zann" by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

Greetings, young scholar. I'm glad you found my advert in the newspaper!

Yes, I still have a room to let. It's up the stairs here. In fact, it's are right below the top floor. One Mr. Zann holds the room above you. Have you heard of him? I'm told he's a viol player of some repute.
Looks like a student of metaphysics to us!
In our second Cromtober episode of 2014 we tackle H.P. Lovecraft's The Music of Erich Zann! It was first published in The National Amateur in 1922. If you haven't read this story, we really recommend it. If you don't have a copy of it, read it here for free

Artwork by Andrew Brosnatch used for publication of the story in Weird Tales in 1925
And we had a plethora of spooky 'One Things' as we prep ourselves for Halloween....

Jon: Weird Kentucky (and the larger Weird US series)!

(Note - Check out some of the Kentucky ghosts and monsters we mentioned! The Pope Lick Monster, and Bobby Mackey's Music World.) 
Hail, Goatman!
Josh: The Black Wings of Cthulhu (there's a follow-up, too)!
Luke: The Best Horror of the Year, Volumes Four & Five!

Our Cromrade Whiskey51 shared a link to an audio play version of this story with us. You can find it on! (Thanks for sending us the link!)

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Our episode is freely available on and is licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0. The spooky organ intro comes from (we think) the public domain (via the YouTube at The disconcerting violin interludes are Alexey Voytenko's The Music of Erich Zann, composed for violin in 2009. These were accessed via the Youtube at We hope our discussion of this content makes you want to go out and purchase the work!

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