Friday, June 5, 2015

Season 3, Episode 11: The Fragmented Solomon Kane pt. 2

"They made a strange contrast, those two, standing there in the twilight of that great tropic forest. Jeremy Hawk was as tall as Solomon Kane like him was rangy and powerful — steel springs and whalebone. But where Solomon was dark, Jeremy Hawk was blond. Now he was burned light bronze by the sun, and his tangled yellow locks fell over his high narrow forehead. His jaw, masked by a yellow stubble, was lean and aggressive; his thin gash of a mouth was cruel. His grey eyes were gleaming and restless, full of wild glitterings and shifting lights. His nose was thin and aquiline, and his whole face was that of a bird of prey. He stood, leaning slightly forward in his usual attitude of fierce eagerness, nearly naked, gripping his reddened sword.

Facing him stood Solomon Kane, likewise tall and powerful, in his worn boots, tattered 'garments, and featherless slouch hat, girt with pistols, rapier, and dagger; with his powder-and- shot pouch slung to his belt. There was no hint of likeness between the wild, reckless hawk's face of the buccaneer and the sombre features of the Puritan, whose dark pallor rendered his face almost corpse-like. Yet in the tigerish litheness of the pirate, in the wolfish appearance of Kane the same quality was apparent. Both of these men were born rovers and killers, curst with a paranoid driving urge that burned them like a quenchless fire and never gave them rest."

This isn't Fancy Feast!
Greetings Cromrades and welcome to the latest stop on The Road of Vengeance! This week we present two fragment stories featuring our Puritanical protagonist Solomon Kane. The first story is The Hawk of Basti and the second is The Children of Assur. Despite not being complete we still find both tales to be entertaining and well written, but we end up loving one more than the other. Which one? Tune in and find out!

Let us know how you would have ended each tale or what you think Howard may have been leading to! Also don't forget to send us your thoughts and innermost feelings regarding Solomon Kane in the form of an email, voicemail, or MP3! If you do, we will feature your "letter" on the season 3 wrap up episode!

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