Thursday, May 14, 2015

Season 3, Episode 10: Solomon Kane Goes to The Movies

"There are many paths to redemption, not all of them peaceful..."

Hail, Cromrades! We have returned to the Road of Vengeance, and this week we discuss Solomon Kane directed by Michael J. Bassett and starring James Purefoy in the title role. (Note: this title is unavailable on Netflix Instant, but you can rent a digital copy of the movie from Amazon.) 

The film explores the early years of Solomon Kane, and the reasons behind his never-ending quest for justice (or is it an unquenchable thirst for murder and vengeance?). You'll find stunning cinematography and scenery, a great supporting cast, and a good effort by Purefoy in the role of Kane struggling against his murderous nature. We enjoyed the film to differing degrees. It's a shame we'll likely never see a sequel, this team could produce a great film adaptation of Red Shadows, Moon of Skulls, or Hills of the Dead/Wings in the Night. The source material is all there, and it's so good! Alas, the film fell into trappings of the origin story.  But, the tone seems right, and though the plot is rushed, some character motivations are questionable, and the CGI effects (particularly toward the end) already look quite dated, this is a decent, dark sword and sorcery movie. 

What do you think of the Solomon Kane film? Let us know! 

Three Things (One Thing X 3)
Jon - The Grifters, by Jim Thompson
Luke - Hyperion, by Dan Simmons
Josh - Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix (But read the comics too, particularly The Man Without Fear!) 

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  1. I'd like to see Benedict Cumberbatch as Kane, I think he would capture the tall/gaunt look really well.
    For director, I'm going to throw a curveball and suggest Chan-wook Park. I love the grittiness and unbroken fight scenes of "Old Boy" and think that style could work well with Solomon Kane.
    With that combination, I'd like to see a take on "Wings in the Night". Of all the Kane stories, it would fit Park's style the best, and I'd love to see his take on the scene where the harpies rip through the village and Kane goes insane.

  2. Hugh Lauries -wtf?! :) Actually I think Purefoy is perfect... Guy Ritchie, yep maybe.
    I have mixed feelings about this movie. On the one hand JP looks and acts the part very well. The general look and feel of the film is good. But - origin story, yawn...and once again, given there is a body of work from, uh, the guy who invented the character, why oh why do we have this rather odd plot...

    Still overall I feel happier about this version of REH than the Nispel Conan version. But still feels a bit of a wasted opportunity to me. Enjoyed the episode, thanks guys