Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Season 3, Episode 13: Season Finale - Solomon Kane in Review

In the final episode of Season 3, we discuss Solomon Kane in the context of other popular fantasy and science fiction characters. Using Kane and Conan the Cimmerian as our guides, we ponder the philosophical journey of Robert E. Howard and attempt to understand the author's religious views through the lens of two of his most popular and enduring characters. We discuss our favorite Solomon Kane poems and tales, and whether or not you could just hand someone a copy of Wings in the Night before they read the other Kane stories. We do our best to give Solomon Kane the send-off the character deserves, and we thank you for all of your insight as we attempted to dissect these tales over the past several months!

You might have noticed our awesome brand new One Thing music lead-in! Listener and friend of The Cromcast, Rob Poyton, sent it our way! Rob, thank you so much for spending your time putting this together, it turned out great! Everyone should go check out Rob's music project Innsmouth Gold, Lovecraftian music to bend your mind and warp your soul! You'll dig it! Tell him The Cromcast sent you!

As you reflect on the Solomon Kane cycle of stories you might want to check out the Solomon Kane timeline over by Keith Taylor over on Two Gun Raconteur - an excellent companion to place the stories in a historical context!

One Things:
Jon recommends Marvel Comics' Weirdworld by Jason Aaron.
Josh did not have a One Thing this week, but did gripe about the overwhelmingly dark tone of DC Comics films, including the upcoming Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movies. Once you've watched these trailers, cleanse your palate with an episode of the Fleischer Superman cartoon from the 1940s.
Luke would like for everyone to check out Khemmis' album Absolution. Here it is on Bandcamp and Amazon! Sludgy riffs of doom!

We now bid good-bye to Solomon Kane and leave the Road of Vengeance behind, though it has not left us unscathed. We now stand at yet another crossroad, and must choose our path carefully. Next: Season 4 - The Lost Road! We will devote the next set of episodes to exploring tales of forgotten worlds and lost civilizations! The road map will be posted soon, we are putting the finishing touches on now! Until next time, Cromrades, safe travels!

...A wild moon rode the wild white clouds, the waves in white crests flowed,
When Solomon Kane went forth again and no man knew his road.
They glimpsed him etched against the moon, where clouds on hilltop thinned;
They heard an eery echoed call that whistled down the wind...