Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Season 16 Episode 4: The Winter Players, Part 2

Welcome back, Cromrades! We're closing in on the end of this short road. The temperatures are dropping, and the sound of wolves echoes around us. Time feels a little... strange, these days. Doesn't it? Whatever the case, you should pour yourself a drink, kick back, and join us for the second half of The Winter Players by Tanith Lee! 

One Things
Jon: Getting into genealogy, with a gift subscription to!
Josh: The classic Mega Man Legacy Collection  on Nintendo Switch. 
Luke: Thune's Vision by Schuyler Hernstrom. 

Next time: Spooky Season begins! CROMTOBER APPROACHES! 

Monday, September 5, 2022

Season 16 Episode 3: The Winter Players, Part 1

Hile, Cromrades! We gather for an episode centered on the front half of Tanith Lee's 'The Winter Players.' Join us, won't you? 

One Things

Jon: Better Call Saul. 'nuff said.

Josh: The Standups on Netflix. Get some chucks in...

Luke: Warhammer's Kill Team. If you are gullible, and want to spend a paycheck or three, then give it a go. If not, then maybe exercise some level of responsibility and just say no.

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