Friday, June 15, 2018

The Cromcast Attends Howard Days 2018!

Hey everyone, we just returned from an epic trip... TO CROSS PLAINS, TEXAS!

This year's Howard Days celebration was a whole lot of fun, and The Cromcast was there to take part in this special gathering. Make sure to listen to our special episode recorded while on location and, if you're interested, what follows is a bit of a short visual diary of our trip! To set the stage, here's the overall schedule of the Howard Days 2018...

Thursday, June 7th
We Cromrades Three flew into DFW, and forthwith sought nutriment as we continued down the dusty, windy road to Callahan County, Texas!

Once provisioned with a goodly supply of bottled water, Texas beer, and Kentucky Bourbon, we checked into our accommodations. From there is was a short jaunt to to Cross Plains, wherein we were able to attend the annual fish fry at the Senior Citizen's Center, and then the parade that passed through downtown!

From there, we headed to the Robert E. Howard House for our first evening of fellowship. Old friends were greeted, many new friends were made, and great conversation were had!

Friday, June 8th
After just a few winks, we awoke for our first full day in Cross Plains! A tour of the Howard residence was of immediate importance... A hot dog lunch with a celebratory birthday cake for Solomon Kane (90 years strong!) was a great treat at the pavilion!


Accompanying activities at the Howard House, there were an abundance of panels held throughout the day at the First United Methodist Church. A hearty thanks to those folks for providing that venue! Panels included "From Fan to Pro," "The Clubs of REH," and of course the Third Annual Glenn Lord Symposium with talks offered by Bobby Derie, Karen Kohoutek, and Dr. Nicole Emmelhainz.


Following these scholarly offerings was the presentation of the 2017 Robert E. Howard Foundation Awards... Many thanks to the voting members of the foundation for our second Black Lotus award!

From there it was soon time for the silent auction and the banquet, which was held at the First Baptist Church. Thanks to those folks for providing that venue! Fierce bidding wars, mammoth country-fried steaks, and a heartfelt keynote speech by the guest of honor, Bill "Indy" Cavalier, all contributed to a GREAT evening. Following this, folks returned to the Pavilion for more (ahem) relaxed conversation!


Saturday, June 9th
Rounding out Howard Days 2018 was a full docket of panels, a (second) trip to the Cross Plains library, as well as the town's "Barbarian Days" festival... It was truly a whirlwind of events!


At this point we were sad to realize the end of Howard Days was in sight. That said, our final hours in Cross Plains were incredible. Rusty Burke led a tour around the grounds of the Howard Residence, and much fellowship was enjoyed over BBQ. The capper to the day's events was the recitation of poetry... With the notable inclusion of "Cimmeria,' delivered in nine different languages!


Sunday, June 10th
An early morning ensured we Cromrades Three would catch our flights back home. It was a heck of an experience for all of us, and we can't wait to make a return trip!

Episode notes

1. Ed's voice mail
2. On The Road Again - Willie Nelson
3. Winding up! The Cromcast, Post-Fish Fry
4. Conan the Barbarian Soundtrack - Theology/Civilization
5. Hot Dog Lunch and Luke's Thoughts on Day 1
6. The Sword - Untitled Track
7. Keith West - Adventures Fantastic!
8. Conan the Barbarian Soundtrack - Mountain of Power Procession
9.  Karen Kohoutek: REH Foundation's 2017 winner of The Cimmerian Award! 
10. Ghost - Miasma
11. Indy Cavalier (2018 REH Days Guest of Honor) and Rusty Burke (Unanimously voted "Rad Dude" by The Cromcast) - Howard Luminaries!
12. We Banjo 3 - Kentucky Grind
13. Hanging out with Indy Cavalier, Rusty Burke, Mark Finn, Jeff Shanks, Ben Friberg, Jim Howard, and Patrice Louinet - Check out the Solomon Kane board game on Kickstarter!
14. Conan Soundtrack - Battle of the Mounds
15. Winding Down w/ The Cromcast
16. Skyrim - Unbroken Road
18. Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers - So Familiar
19. Wind Down - Heading Back Home w/ The Cromcast
20. ZZ Top - Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers

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