The Cromcast Episode Archive

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Last updated August 22, 2019.


Episode 01: The Phoenix on the Sword (Or, How Thoth-Amon Got His Groove Back)

Episode 02: The Scarlet Citadel (Or, Pelias Likes to Party!)

Episode 03: The Tower of the Elephant (Or, Sayonara Yara! An Elephant Alien Demon God Man Never Forgets!)

Episode 04: Black Colossus (or, You Say Natohk, I say Khotan!)

Episode 05: Xuthal of the Dusk (Or, What Happens in Xuthal, Stays In Xuthal)

Episode 06: The Pool of the Black One (Or, When Figurine Collecting Goes Too Far...)

Episode 07: Rogues in the House (Or, Conan finds the missing link and helps us learn about evolution!)

Episode 08: The Frost Giant's Daughter (or, Gods of The North)

Episode 09: Howard's Horrors: The Haunter of the Ring and Pigeons From Hell (or Zuvembies Just Wanna Have Fun...) Note: this is technically the first Cromtober episode!

Episode 0 - Secret Files and Origins of The Cromcast! Note; This is where the idea for The Cromcast took shape!

Episode 10: Iron Shadows in the Moon (Or, Nothing Surprises Conan)

Episode 11: Time for a Finnterview! (or, We Can't Believe It!)

Episode 12: Queen of the Black Coast

Episode 13: The Devil in Iron (or, Khosatral Khel's Big Day Out!)

Episode 14: Conan vs. Heavy Metal

Episode 15: Savage Sword of Comics! (Or, Conan vs. Sequential Art)

Episode 16: The People of the Black Circle (or, Conan Heads East!)

Bonus Episode: The Violet Crown Radio Players' "Waterfront Fists!"

Episode 17: A Witch Shall Be Born

Episode 18: The Jewels of Gwahlur & an Interview with John R. Fultz!

Episode 19: Beyond the Black River (Or, we zigged when we should have Zogar zagged...) (with special guest Mark Finn!)

Bonus Episode: Side Quest #1 (or, The Long Con) (Coverage of the Lexington Comic and Toy Con!)

Episode 20: Shadows in Zamboula (or, Conan Lays the Totra-Smack Down!)

Episode 21: The Hour of the Dragon (Part One)

Episode 22: The Hour of the Dragon (Part Two)

Episode 23: Red Nails (Or,"A Gang War in T-Town")

Episode 24: Conan the Barbarian [1982] (Or, Thorgrim is Beside Himself With Grief)

Episode 25: Our Year With Conan


Bonus Episode: Interview with publisher and author Jason Sizemore of Apex Publications

Episode 02: Sword Woman

Episode 03: Blades for France (Or, The Cromcast Apologizes to the Nation of France)

Episode 04: The Shadow of the Vulture (Or, Suleiman's Big Day Out)

Episode 05: The Black God's Kiss by C.L. Moore

Episode 06: The Cromcast versus Red Sonja 1985 (or, The She-Devil with a Mullet)

Episode 07: Finale to The Road of Queens


Episode 02: Red Shadows

Episode 03: Rattle of Bones

Episode 05: The Moon of Skulls (with guest host Jeffrey Shanks!)

Episode 06: The Blue Flame of Vengeance

Episode 07: The Hills of The Dead

Episode 08: Wings in the Night

Episode 09: The Footfalls Within

Episode 10: Solomon Kane Goes to The Movies

Episode 11: The Fragmented Solomon Kane pt. 2

Episode 12: The Poems of Solomon Kane (or, The Rhyming Scheme of Revenge!)

Episode 13: Season Finale - Solomon Kane in Review


Episode 01: Howard and Atlantis (with special guests Jeffrey Shanks, Mark Finn, and Rusty Burke!)

Episode 02: The Shadow Kingdom!

Episode 03: The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune

Episode 04: Dive Into The Deep With Lovecraft - The Doom that Came to Sarnath and The Temple!

Episode 05: (Sippin' on) a Vintage from Atlantis with Clark Ashton Smith

Episode 06: Part I Addressing The Wizard of Lemuria by Lin Carter

Episode 07: Part II Addressing The Wizard of Lemuria by Lin Carter

Episode 08: The Lost World (1925 Film Adaptation)

Episode 09: King Kong, With El Goro (Or, All Things Kongsidered) (Featuring El Goro of Talk Without Rhythm!)

Episode 10: Tigers of the Sea

Episode 11: Robert E. Howard's Conan: Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of

Episode 12: Join us in "The Temple of Abomination"!

Episode 13: King Solomon's Mines, Part One

Episode 14: King Solomon's Mines, Part 2 (or, Let me Gagool That For You)

Cromcast Special: Roadtrip to REH Days 2016!

Episode 15: She (1965 Film)

Episode 16: Men of the Shadows with Rusty Burke!

Episode 17: Kings of the Night

Episode 18: The Dark Man

Episode 19: Worms of the Earth

Episode 20: The Lost Road Finale


Season 5 Episode 14: The Apparition in the Prize Ring

Season 5 Episode 15: Vikings of the Gloves (Steve's in a Pickle!)

Season 5 Episode 16: Sluggers of the Beach (The Final Round)


Season 6, Episode 01: Ill Met in Lankhmar ("Her Dad Was a Duke, He's Kind Of a...")

Season 6, Episode 02: Ill Met in Lankhmar pt. 2 and The Circle Curse

Season 6, Episode 03: Jewels in the Forest

Season 6, Episode 04:  Thieves' House

Season 6, Episode 05: The Bleak Shore and The Howling Tower

Season 6, Episode 06: The Sunken Land and Seven Black Priests


Season 7, Episode 2: Behold the Necronomicon!

Season 7, Episode 3: Have You Found The Yellow Sign?

Season 7, Episode 4: The Book of Eibon!

Season 7, Episode 5: De Vermis Mysteriis

Season 7, Episode 6: Grimoires on Film! Evil Dead, In The Mouth of Madness, and The Ninth Gate

Season 7, Episode 7: The Black Stone (Epic Closer for Season 7)




Cromtober 2014, Part I: "The End of the Story," by Clark Ashton Smith

Cromtober 2014, Part II: "The Music of Erich Zann" by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

Cromtober 2014, Part III: Robert E. Howard's "The Cairn on the Headland"

Cromtober 2015 Episode 1: Ghosts of our Homelands

Cromtober 2015 Episode 2: A Jamesian Halloween!

Cromtober 2015 Episode 3: University Ghost Stories

Cromtober 2016 Part One: A Monstrous Conversation, featuring Justin Stewart and Kentucky Kaiju!

Cromtober 2016 Part 2: Bonfire Ghost Stories

Cromtober 2017 Part I: Howard's Werewolf Stories!!!

Cromtober 2017 Part II: Terrifying Tales by Ambrose Bierce and Laird Barron!

Cromtober 2017 Part III: Spooky Dreams

Cromtober 2018 Part One: Howard and Poe

Cromtober 2018 Part Two: Dorothy Quick's "The Witch's Mark"

Cromtober 2018 Part 3: Wine and Witches (It's Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus!)

Cromtober 2018 The Coda

Bourbon & Barbarians

Bourbon & Barbarians: Episode 1

Bourbon & Barbarians: Episode 2: In which our Heroes Journey North of the Keep

Bourbon & Barbarians: Episode 3 - Into The Wild

Bourbon & Barbarians: Episode 4 - No Secondary Title!

Bourbon & Barbarians: Episode 5

Bourbon & Barbarians: Episode 6 - "We're Gonna Die Here..."

Bourbon & Barbarians: Episode 8 - "I Think He's A Mini Boss!"

Bourbon & Barbarians: Episode 9 - Bearded Battle at Bugbear Hollow!

Bourbon & Barbarians: Episode 10 - "A pissed off, evil version of Shrek!"

Bourbon & Barbarians: Episode 11 - A Return to the Keep!

Bourbon & Barbarians: Episode 12 - Gather Your Wits, and Information Besides!

Bourbon & Barbarians: Episode 13: A Hovel in the Hinterlands!

Bourbon & Barbarians: Episode 14: Never Poke a Sleeping (Owl)Bear!

Bourbon & Barbarians: Episode 15: A Dark and Stormy Night!

Bourbon & Barbarians: Episode 16: Back on the Hunt!

Bourbon & Barbarians: Episode 17: It's a Bugbear Boogaloo!

Bourbon & Barbarians: Episode 18: Of Cyclorcs and Whispering Axes...

Bourbon & Barbarians: Episode 19: Another One Bites the Dust...

Bourbon & Barbarians: Episode 20: Curses & the Pyre...

Bourbon & Barbarians: Episode 21: The Road to Cold Field...

Bourbon & Barbarians: Episode 25: Embrace the Cold Shadow

Bourbon & Barbarians: Season 2 Episode 1: The Thaw Begins...

Bourbon & Barbarians: Season 2 Episode 2: Up the Mountain...

Bourbon & Barbarians: Season 2 Episode 3: A Cabin? A Weird Book? (This is Familiar...)

Bourbon & Barbarians: Season 2 Episode 4: Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Bourbon & Barbarians: Season 2 Episode 5: The Shaft (Shut Yo' Mouth)

Bourbon & Barbarians: Season 2 Episode 6: Keep Delvin', Delvin', Delvin'

Bourbon & Barbarians: Season 2 Episode 7: Delved Right Off the Rails!

Bourbon & Barbarians: Season 2 Episode 8: Gettin' Back on the Tracks!

Bourbon & Barbarians: Season 2 Episode 9: Exploration & Information!

Bourbon & Barbarians: Season 2 Episode 10: The End of the Delve

Bourbon & Barbarians: Season 2 Episode 11: Afterglow

Bourbon & Barbarians: Season 3 Episode 1: A Bildungsroman Begins in the Borderlands

Bourbon & Barbarians: Season 3 Episode 2: Into the Lair of the Slobbertooth Kobolds!

Bourbon & Barbarians: Season 3 Episode 3: Spider Fight!

Bourbon & Barbarians: Season 3 Episode 4: Fire & Ice!

Bourbon & Barbarians: Season 3 Bonus Episode with Planet X Games!

Bourbon & Barbarians: Season 3 Episode 5: Casks of Oil!