Here's How You Can Support The Cromcast!

Fellow literary barbarians, we are fast approaching two years of The Cromcast! My, how time flies. But really, we are just getting warmed up! Perhaps though, as the days have turned into weeks and become months, you've wondered how you can get involved and support the show? There are a number of ways!

First, send us email! We'd love to hear from you. Give us your thoughts about the stories we've covered. Let us know what stories you'd like to discuss. What can The Cromcast do for you? We're deeply interested in what you have to say! We're also interested in your One Thing. (No, we're not flirting with you!) Tell us what you're reading, give us music suggestions! Tell us anything that you like and want to spread the word about!

Not just that - join the discussion! Want to send a voicemail? Let us hear those dulcet tones! There's The Cromcast Party Line (859-429-CROM), or you could record some comments and send an mp3 to us via e-mail!

Second, take a few moments to leave a review! Give us a rating on iTunes! Or, perhaps you listen to us via Stitcher? If you use a service to download or stream the show, we'd sure appreciate a review! It will help us grow and improve!

If you've never checked out, please use our affiliate link ( for a free month trial membership and a free audio book of your choosing! works with iOS and Android devices, as well as your mp3 player. You get to keep the book that you choose forever! Plus, it will help us make improvements to The Cromcast, which we produce on a shoestring budget! It's a win-win!

We love producing The Cromcast while learning about Robert E. Howard and exploring his body of work alongside you, Cromrades. Thanks for joining us on this journey. See you on down the road!

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Conan the Barbarian (1982) poster by Marko Manev