Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cromcast Special: Roadtrip to REH Days 2016!

We're taking a small detour from The Lost Road to visit Howard's hometown of Cross Plains, TX! Josh and Jon made the trek to Robert E. Howard Days this year and brought back some audio entertainment for you all as a souvenir. This year's festival was a special one as it coincided with the 80th anniversary of Howard's death, the 30th anniversary of Howard Days itself, and the 20th anniversary of the release of "The Whole Wide World"!

This episode will be a real treat as you get to hear from luminaries such as Bill Cavalier and Rusty Burke, long time Cromrades "Listener Gary" and EvilEd, and Cromcast stalwarts Mark Finn and Jeffrey Shanks!

So kick back, pour a stiff drink (or ladle out some barbecue) and join us for our Texas adventure! Be sure you mark your calendars for next year and get down to Cross Plains!

And now... the Texas sun bears down and the dust rises as you drive through the four-way stop in Cross Plains, and approach a small white house on the left, with a pavilion off to the side... Welcome to Howard Days!
News article covering the first Howard Day in 1986.

Left: Treasures in the Cross Plains Library! Right: A Cromcaster holding an original typescript of Sword Woman!  
The Cromcast Was Here!

Daniel Look: Math Sorcerer

 Dierk Guenther gave an excellent presentation about Howard's use of time.

"Fighting, horse racing, drinking, and other feats of hyper-masculinity..."
You haven't been to an academic symposium like this before! 

Poetry reading on Howard's  
The Pavilion: Where stories are told, friendships are made, and the whiskey flows!
It's worth the trip,  y'all. 
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