Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Season 18 Episode 12: The Fantasy Draft

Welcome back to the show, Cromrades! One of our jokes became an idea for an episode, and now we present to you our fantasy draft of characters featured in the Conan stories we've read and covered up through Queen of the Black Coast. We hope you enjoy the shenanigans! 

The list of characters we compiled prior to the draft: 

AscalanteThe Phoenix on the Sword
RinaldoThe Phoenix on the Sword
Thoth-AmonThe Phoenix on the Sword
GrommelThe Phoenix on the Sword
DionThe Phoenix on the Sword
VolmanaThe Phoenix on the Sword
ProsperoThe Phoenix on the Sword
EpemitreusThe Phoenix on the Sword
AtaliThe Frost Giant's Daughter
The KothianTower of the elephant
TaurusTower of the elephant
yag-koshaTower of the elephant
YaraTower of the elephant
AmalrusThe Scarlet Citadel
Tsotha lantiThe Scarlet Citadel
StrabonusThe Scarlet Citadel
Yothga the plantThe Scarlet Citadel
PeliasThe Scarlet Citadel
BelitQueen of the Black Coast
ShevatasBlack Colossus
Thugra KhotanBlack Colossus
YasmelaBlack Colossus
AmalricBlack Colossus
Shah AmurathIron Shadows
OliviaIron Shadows
The Iron ShadowsIron Shadows
Sergius of KhroshaIron Shadows
Gray man-apePool of the Black One
NatalaThe Slithering Shadow / Xuthal
Thalis the StygianThe Slithering Shadow / Xuthal
Thog the AncientThe Slithering Shadow / Xuthal
SanchaPool of the Black One
ZaporavoPool of the Black One

Who will draft the greatest Hyborian team and win fortune and glory? Whose draft mistakes will seal their doom? Let us know whose team fits their mission the best, and who we left out!

One Things
Jon: Jason Aaron's current run on Punisher
Josh: Marvel Snap
Luke: Iron Chic - You Can't Stay Here

Next time: We run afoul of a devil... in iron! 

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Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

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