Thursday, November 16, 2023

Season 18 Episode 17: Beyond the Black River


Welcome back, Cromrades! Today, we join Conan as he ventures into an area of colonization, where native peoples are being hectored by imperial forces and pioneers. Essentially, we're joining him in Texas circa the late 1600's or the mid- 1800's. As such, we've invited Ben Friberg to join us. He's a friend of the show, a Texas historian, chronicler of Robert E. Howard Days, and crafter of ice cream and we're delighted he stopped by the pod to dissect, "Beyond the Black River". So, hop in a canoe and join us, won't you?

Show Notes

Places you can find Ben on the web:

One Things

Luke: Feeling that Deutschland vibe and making and eating SpƤtzle
Josh: Top notch book collectin' with the new Valancourt John the Balladeer collection
Ben: Chasing that white whale of Melville by reading "Moby Dick"
Jonathan: Shouting cowabunga and thinking about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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