Friday, October 23, 2015

Cromtober 2015 Episode 1: Ghosts of our Homelands

A spooky salutations to you Cromrade! The blood moon has risen and the fogs of dread cover the landscape! Surely that must mean it is Cromtober!

This year, our Halloween special focuses on ghost stories from one of the founders of horror literature, M.R. James! If you haven't read them before, we encourage you to find a darkened room, light a candle, and read through "Oh, Whistle and I'll Come to you my Lad" and "Mezzotint". We think you will enjoy the spine tingling sensation that follows!

But before we visit with Mr. M.R. we thought it would be fun to recount some of our own tales of encounters with the other side! Every community has their own ghost story and they often illuminate the history and the people of that region. Tune in to hear some tales from Kentucky, Arkansas, and Indiana and then head down to the comment section and share one from your home!

Daniel Boone National Forest, KY

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Closing theme: "Ghost Fields" by Murder by Death. We hope our discussion of this content makes you want to go out and purchase the work!