Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Cromcast S5E13: The Breed of Battle!

Who ever thought that stealing Steve Costigan's dog Mike was a good idea? Why, everyone knows Sailor Steve and Mike are more like brothers than anything else. The man who'd come between them, well... We'd hate to see what might happen to him! In fact, that reminds us... let us tell you about this time a feller tried to do that very thing, in The Breed of Battle. This Robert E. Howard tale was first published in the November 1931 issue of Action Stories, but you can read it on WikiSource.

Yessir, Mike and Costigan really are the fightin'est pair you'll see anywhere!

One Things
Jon: The legendary run on Teen Titans by Wolfman and Perez! Check it!
Josh: Been busy trying to learn how to play the mandolin!
Luke: Stephen King's treatise on horror, Danse Macabre!

Also be sure to check out Beyond the Ice-Fall, a viking adventure for use with Swords & Wizardy: WhiteBox. Old school gaming goodness! Here's a link!

Next up: Ace Jessel gets a helping hand during a boxing match from an unexpected source! It's The Apparition in the Prize Ring (AKA The Spirit of Tom Molyneaux). (Read it on Project Gutenberg Australia!)

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