Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Cromtober 2017, Part II: Terrifying Tales by Ambrose Bierce and Laird Barron!

Welcome, Cromrades! Quick, inside! The rising full moon brings with it things no mortal man would wish to meet alone. We'll have to wait here for morning. Until then, how about some stories to pass the time?

The moon shed a ghostly light upon us as we recorded this episode... 

First, we have a terror of a tale by Ambrose Bierce, called "The Damned Thing." An invisible beast roaming the land? Surely you jest...

Ambrose Bierce, by J.H.E. Partington

Second, a yarn recounting a hunting competition, told as only Laird Barron can tell. But the quarry is no mere stag, friends. No, the hunters bite off more than they can chew in pursuing Blackwood's Baby.

Luke's pre-show sketch.
Perhaps some whiskey will calm your nerves as these tales unfold... And perhaps a silent prayer that the sun will rise and cleanse the land of its devils, or at least provide a temporary reprieve...

And if morning never comes? Banish the thought! Focus instead on One Thing.

Jon: Phantom Encounters, a Time Life book. Get information that could save your life! Or your afterlife..?
Josh: Universal Monster movies - Perfect for this time of year!
Luke: Prime Evil, a top notch horror anthology! Read something scary!

Next time... Traversing a Dreamscape, trapped in a Nightmare... What is the scariest dream you ever had? Tell us!

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