Sunday, March 25, 2018

Into the Lair of the Slobbertooth Kobolds - A One Page Dungeon Submission!

Hail, Cromrades! Looking for a quick bit of fun around the game table? Well, you're in luck! Below is Luke's submission to this year's One Page Dungeon contest. This 'Borderlands' mini-module is system-agnostic, and is designed to be a fun little romp. If you're the DM for this one, try your hardest to make the Kobolds sheisty little boogers that rely upon the traps, their pets, and the environs!

If you have an idea yourself, submit it to this year's contest before May 1st! Entering is free, and past years' submissions are collected and available via Shattered Pike Studio. These past compendiums are chock full of ideas, and you absolutely can't beat 'em!

A low-res image of the dungeon is below; DOWNLOAD THE FREE PDF HERE!