Monday, January 14, 2019

Season 8, Episode 3: Hawk of the Hills

Happy 2019, Cromrades! For the first Cromcast episode of 2019, we discuss another El Borak tale, "Hawk of the Hills" by Robert E. Howard (read it on Project Gutenberg Australia). This story is equal parts siege story and revenge tale with the geopolitical stability of the entire region at risk! Honor, glory, and trust are at the core of the tale, and a good bit of foresight and manipulation by El Borak! (Competency porn?)

Word Clouds

The first word cloud includes the names "Willoughby" and "Gordon". The second excludes those words. "Men" is one of the primary words used in the story again, along with physical landscape terms like "cave" and "gorge". This time the word "castle" is one of the more frequent terms, as might be expected given the siege that takes place within the story.
The 15 most frequent words in the tale are:

Rank Word Count
1 willoughby 169
2 gordon 158
3 khan 107
4 men 103
5 afdal 92
6 ali 73
7 man 68
8 baber 65
9 back 58
10 castle 52
11 like 52
12 one 51
13 will 50
14 gorge 49
15 cave 40

One Things

Jon: Our pal Benito Cereno's Tumblr! Learn about some Christmas folklore!
Josh: The final boss from Final Fantasy VI. This is the greatest boss fight in video games! The music! The art! The literary themes! If you haven't, play this game! You can get it on Steam, or for iOS or Android!
Luke: The module "Jungle Tomb of the Mummy Bride" from Planet X Games! It's an old-school, grindhouse module for D&D players level 5-7 that you should check out immediately!

Next time: We get acquainted with Harold Lamb and go on an adventure with the Ukranian Grandfather of Conan!

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