Friday, March 29, 2019

Season 9 Story List - The Road of Revisions

The planning is finished and it is time to walk down another road!

Here we go!

Season 9 – The Road of Revisions: An exploration of Robert E. Howard’s revised works, as edited by him and others.
  • The Initiation – "By This Axe I Rule!" vs "The Phoenix on the Sword" by Robert E. Howard
  • The Extension – "The God in the Bowl" by RE Howard vs "The God in the Bowl" by L. Sprague de Camp
  • The Inspiration – "The Striking of the Gong" by RE Howard vs "The Striking of the Gong" amended by Lin Carter
  • The Adaptation – Representations of "Queen of the Black Coast" in Comics
  • The Transformation – "The Black Stranger" by RE Howard to "Swords of the Red Brotherhood" by RE Howard  to "The Treasure of Tranicos" by L. Sprague de Camp.
  • The Progression – "The Spears of Clontarf" to "The Grey God Passes" to "The Cairn on the Headland", all by Robert E. Howard
  • The Weirdification – The Weird/Mundane Dichotomy of "The Fire of Asshurbanpal" by Robert E. Howard
  • The Expansion – "Nekht Semerkhet" by RE Howard vs "Nekht Semerkhet" expanded by Andrew J. Offutt
  • The Recapitulation – What can we learn from exploring the revisions of Howard’s work and comparing them to the original stories and fragments?
Oh, the places we'll go!
As you can see, our path takes us back through the Hyborian Age kingdoms, to the headland near Clontarf, and into territories yet unexplored by our merry band of pulp podcasters! We hope to learn more about Howard's writing process via his editorial efforts on his own writings, and the approach that others have taken to expand upon his ideas. 

We hope you'll join us! 

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