Sunday, November 8, 2020

Announcing Season 13 - The Left-Handed Path of Karl Edward Wagner's Kane!

 Hi all, in prep for the new season, we wanted to spell out our reading list we'll follow as we meet Karl Edward Wagner's Kane. It's a pretty easy approach to things, in that we're reading one short story collection, and one novel. The reading list will follow Night Winds first, and then we'll tackle Bloodstone! Specifically, here's the order of things:

  1. Undertow (in Night Winds)
  2. Two Suns Setting (in Night Winds)
  3. The Dark Muse (in Night Winds)
  4. Raven's Eyrie (in Night Winds)
  5. Lynortis Reprise (in Night Winds)
  6. Sing a Last Song of Valdese (in Night Winds)
  7. Bloodstone

Iconic Warner paperbacks of the books we'll be tackling this season, with the killer Frazetta covers! If you've not visited lately, go to and treat yo'self!