Saturday, December 31, 2022

Season 17, Episode 4: Robert E. Howard's Poetry Pals

Happy New Year Cromrades! Thank you for tuning in for our last episode of 2022 and our last episode dedicated to poetry. We have enjoyed digging into poetry by our patron saint, Robert E. Howard, as well as his lyrical companions in "Weird Tales" H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith. For this last episode in Season 17, we thought we would take a whirlwind tour through six of REH's favorite poets and let you hear where he may have been inspired and what stirred his soul. Let us know if you hear someone you enjoy!

If you would like to read along as we cover the poems, here are links to each, in order, as well as links to some biographical info on each poet: 

Suicide in the Trenches by Siegfried Sassoon 

Lament for Thomas MacDonagh by Francis Ledwidge 

The Listeners by Walter de la Mere

Boomer Johnson by Henry Herbert Knibbs

The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert E. Service

The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes 

Special Holiday Edition of One Thing

Jonathan: Two kings of Kentucky brought him, "The Rivers of Kentucky", "It Happened in Kentucky", and the "Kentucky Encyclopedia" 

Josh: On the third day of Christmas was gifted, Skeletor and a cold steel Kiridashi Knife, as well as his own "Kentucky Encyclopedia"

Luke: King Moonracer and Santa brought him "Robert E Howards Selected Poems" by Frank Coffman and "Corto Maltese", as well as some trout fishing gear. 

We also deeply appreciate the Cromrades who answered the call for poetry readings and who gave us permission to share their beatnik side on our show. In this episode, towards the end, you will hear from:

Colin Duncan

Nils Hedglin

Robert Coleman

Sarah Elkins

And to cap the year off right, our very own Luke wanted to share with you some of our statistics for the year-

It was another productive year for us. The data junkies we are, here’s the lowdown of The Cromcast in 2022:

We published a total of 30 podcast episodes spanning around 35 hrs of content!

In total, ca. 13 hrs of content specific to REH!

Otherwise, 4 episodes on Tanith Lee, 10 episodes on the 'Gothic' as reflected by Shelley, Stoker, and Stevenson, and some other miscellanea to boot :) 

Nomination for the Black Lotus Award by the REH Foundation!

We were honored to have received an inaugural Trigon Award by Spiral Tower Press!

And of course, we have continued publication of The Cromcast Chronicle, with the newest issue spanning over 90 free pages of art, lit crit, and fiction for the fandom!

What else can we say? We're lovin' it. And we hope you love it too :)

Questions? Comments? Curses? 

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