Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Road of Kings (Conan the Barbarian Story Order)

Hi all! We'll be examining the original Robert E. Howard Conan stories in order of publication.

Episode 1 covered The Phoenix on the Sword, published in the December 1932 issue of Weird Tales.

Here is our "Road of Kings!"

The Phoenix on the Sword
The Scarlet Citadel
The Tower of the Elephant
Black Colossus
Xuthal of the Dusk (Or, The Slithering Shadow)
The Pool of the Black One
Rogues in the House
Gods of the North (Or, The Frost Giant's Daughter)
Iron Shadows in the Moon (Or, Shadows in the Moonlight)
Queen of the Black Coast
The Devil in Iron
The People of the Black Circle
A Witch Shall be Born
Jewels of Gwahlur
Beyond the Black River
Man-Eaters of Zamboula (Or, Shadows in Zamboula)
The Hour of the Dragon (Or, Conan the Conqueror)
Red Nails

We'll try to stick with that order, but we also want to cover Conan comics, pop culture, and the character's influence on music. We'll throw those episodes into the mix and try to keep it interesting and entertaining!