Friday, October 25, 2013

Art Party Friday

Hello Cromrades! It is I, Jon! I am here to show off some cool Howard inspired art I have found in my wanderings on the internet. If you have any art you wish to share, be you the creator or just an admirer, please do email us at with the image and source and we will try to feature it here on the blog! Also, please visit one or all of the sites for these talented folks. You can always find art for purchase, prints, or even coffee mugs to buy!

Conan by Caanan White (currently the artist on Uber from Avatar Press)

Red Sonja #1 variant cover by Stephanie Buscema (granddaughter of John Buscema)

Conan by James Harren

Solomon Kane by Michael Dialynas

Crom versus Ymir by Breogan

Cover to Pigeons from Hell by Nathan Fox

That's all for this week. Of course Pigeons from Hell is featured last as it will be a big chunk of our next episode: